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You know how the saying goes "God works in mysterious ways"?  Well, this is a good example of that.  LaNeil and Rich moved to Maryland several years ago.  When Megan was born with OI, our whole family spent those first agonizing days on the Internet gathering information on this disorder that none of us had ever heard of.  The OI Foundation is located in Maryland, and the Children's Hospital in Washington DC (just a stone's throw away) is conducting a study on pamidronate infusions in infants.  LaNeil and Rich decided to go to the Shriner's Hospital in Montreal because they treat all children with pamidronate - no placebo is used.  We feel very lucky that there was so much help close by.  Many children are not diagnosed immediately because OI is so rare.  We could reiterate all the information we found on the Internet here, but links seem a better way to go.  So . . . below are the links that have helped our family, we hope they are a help to you.

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