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From Megan's Mom . . .

July 18, 2000 - I want everyone to know that Megan is a true gift from God. We think a lot about what would have happened to her if she had not come to us - how our lives might not have had this wonderful opportunity to meet such a sweet soul. She has taught us so much about the true meaning in life and what is really important. We never thought that we would have a child with a disability. Now though, we see that they can teach us so much about things in life. She has had alot of physical pain in her short life and throughout it all she remains a happy, smiling baby. What a trooper she is and how she helps remind us all that life is a fragile gift and we should cherish it everyday.  You never know about the road that lies ahead of you. All you can do is continue to travel down the path with prayer and love and little angels that you meet along the way.

From the Aunt . . .

For my part, this web site is a way to help in the cause. LaNeil frequently sends me email addresses of parents whose children were just diagnosed with OI. I know it was a great help to LaNeil to be able to talk to others with OI children.  It's very cathartic to share your experience with others. So, we both email to share our thoughts and offer our help. 

LaNeil and I were both adopted into our wonderful, loving family.  The major downside to being adopted is that you have no family medical history.  That makes pregnancy a bit scary.  While OI is a genetic disorder, according to Megan's genetic workup, her OI is a new case.  She was born with 6 fractures and there was evidence of healed fractures that she sustained in utero.  LaNeil lost a daughter in utero during the second trimester two years before Megan was born.  She had regular ultrasounds throughout her pregnancy and was assured that Megan would be healthy.   The diagnosis was a shock to say the least. 

Megan has slight bowing of her left leg and left arm, and her head is a bit flat and slightly larger than babies her age.   (LaNeil had to point that out to me)  She's been typed as a Type III / IV.  They say she's the high side of a type three.  So far, the pamidronate infusions seemed to have helped.   After the first treatment, Megan began to move more which caused three breaks.   The doctor in Montreal said that was normal.  He said that by the third treatment they should see a significant improvement.

I have yet to hear Megan cry.  When I have been fortunate enough to spend time with her (I live in Atlanta and they live in Maryland), Megan has been fracture free.  She's a calm, happy baby who wakes up with a smile on her face. We had her christening on July 9th (two days ago) and she was a perfect angel during the whole service.  She wore Rich's christening gown that LaNeil added pearls and ribbons to. Most of the family flew up for the event.  It was the first time we had all been together in one place in years !!  Megan didn't play favorites, she smiled and blew bubbles for everyone equally. I confess . . . I'm completely in love with her. 

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